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Terra Core Blog

11 Core Exerises for Abs Workout

Mark Equinozzi - Saturday, December 15, 2018

Whether you are a professional athlete or just want to get in better shape there is a good chance you have asked the questions, How do I get abs? What core exercises give me abs? And perhaps you have taken it a step further and tried dieting, intense monthly programs, bought supplements, equipment piece after equipment piece, but those abs seem to always avoid you no matter what. And rightfully so because NONE of these gimmicks are going to work.

NONE of these gimmicks are going to work...

I know shocking. The KEY is consistency over a long period of time and different exercises to target the different regions of your abdominal muscles. I know I know you have heard this before and are thinking there MUST be an easier way. There’s not, trust me, the stronger core and abs you want cannot be a purchase but rather earned over the course of many months and years of hard work. Now hard work does not mean you can't have fun and be entertained why you build a stronger core with an abs workout. Quite the opposite there are thousands of different ways to exercise and switching it up is essential to staying motivated.

Different regions don’t simply mean the top 2 abs of a 6 pack there is actually a lot that goes into it and it can be really overwhelming. Check out Better Health for a full comprehensive summary of the muscles. For the Rest who want some exercise ideas, just keep on scrolling. We decided to team up with Claire P. Thomas who is a abs workout core exercise Yoda of sorts. The exercises are done on the Terra-Core which is basically a turbocharge when it comes to core building and balance training. But you can perform any of these exercises on a variety of equipment or with no equipment at all.

PRO TIP: Claire P. Thomas

Keep your core engaged the entire time and to focus on breathing deeply and smoothly. I also recommend picking a spot and keeping your eyes locked on it to help with balance and focus.

1. Frog Crunch

(10-15 Reps 3 Sets)
Put your hands on the Terra-Core behind your back and perform a crunch without moving them.

2. Side Plank Crunch

(10-15 Reps 3 Sets)
Start in extended side plank position. Raise your opposite arm behind your head and touch your leg to your knee.

3. Bicycle Crunch

(10-15 Reps 3 Sets)
Lay flat on the Terra-Core in the prone position. Put your hands behind your head and touch opposite elbow to knee.

4. Leg Raises With Hip Thrust

(10-15 Reps 3 Sets)
Grab onto the half dome opening at the end of the Terra-Core and extend your legs all the way, straight, and together. Raise your legs to a 90-degree angle and then extend with a hip thrust for those extra couple inches.

5. Plank to Push-Up Beginner

(10-15 Reps 3 Sets)
Using the Terra-Core will significantly reduce the impact on your body for this exercise. Start in the standard plank position forearms down and pop up to push-up. Complete the push-up and drop back down into plank.

7. Side Dip Plank With Leg Lift

(10-15 Reps 3 Sets)
Start in a side plank position. Dip your hip as close to the ground as you can and raise back to the straight position. Then raise your top leg and repeat. Flip over to perform on the other arm and leg.

8. Decline Sit-Ups

(10-15 Reps 3 Sets)
Use the Terra-Core to arch your back slightly. Start in the sitting position and lay all the way back to fully extend the abdominals. Then rise up and touch the floor.

9. Knees to Elbows Plank (Inside & outside)

(10-15 Reps 3 Sets)
Start in raised plank position. Rotate your knee and touch the same side elbow and then opposite elbow then switches legs and do the same.

10. Shoulder Tap Plank

(10-15 Reps 3 Sets)
Hands on the ground and feet on the Terra-Core. Then simply rotate between your hands tapping the opposite shoulder while supporting your body weight with the other hand.

11. Standing Oblique Tilts

(10-15 Reps 3 Sets)
Hold the Terra-Core by the sidebar. Dip to the weighted side and return to the upright position.