5 best upper body workouts with your Terra-Core.

5 best upper body workouts with your Terra-Core.

The Terra-Core is the most versatile fitness tool perfect for your at home workouts. These 5 upper body workouts with your Terra-Core will help you gain muscle and burn some calories. Do each exercise 4 times for 15 reps.  

1. Spiderman Pushups

This exercise is perfect to get your upper body and core engaged. Flip your Terra-Core with bubble side down and hold onto the handles. Move your legs up and down. Make sure to keep a tight core and do each movement slowly. 

2. DB row 

Bent-over rows can help in reducing back pain from sitting down and working long hours in front of a computer. This exercises will also help fix your posture and build muscle on your upper back. 

3. Bench Press


Did you know your Terra-Core can also be used as a bench? Not only does it feel better on your back, you are also adding an extra challenge of balancing on it. The dumbbell bench press a perfect way to train your pecs, triceps, and shoulders. Lay on your Terra-Core and grab some weights. Then slowly push them up and back down. 

4. Push-Ups

Pushups are an awesome way to workout your upper body. Start in a plank position and bend your arms down. Squeeze your core and push away from the Terra-Core. Doing this exercise on the Terra-Core will add an extra challenge when you are trying to balance. 

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