Best Workout for Glutes Using Terra Core

Best Workout for Glutes Using Terra Core

We all want to have round, firm glutes that fill out our favorite pair of pants and show off  our lower body strength. In order to build strength and get definition in your muscles, it’s important to incorporate spot training exercises that focus on overloading those specific muscle groups. Using uneven training tools like Terra Core allows you to burn more calories, engage more muscles, and build strength faster than doing those exact same exercises on a flat surface. Terra Core is designed to work as a step, balance ball, and weight resistance tool all in one complete workout apparatus that allows you to reach your fitness goals faster.

Each of the exercises below are designed to work the different sections of your glutes. Terra Core’s unique design provides uneven training to engage more muscle groups to support your balance. These exercises will also target your quadriceps and hamstrings, while challenging you to fully engage your core to keep you balanced. Using uneven training while performing strength training exercises is also important for strengthening knee and ankle joints. By engaging those tiny muscles that all work together to keep you  balanced, the entire lower body remains strong and free from injury. Terra Core is also the ideal height to allow you to lunge deeper to more fully work your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, without  overextending and injuring the knee joint. 

Grab your Terra Core and get ready for your glutes to burn! Each of these moves should be performed for 45 seconds.

1 Leg Get Up: 

Start in standing position with the Terra Core placed directly behind you vertically. 

Balance all your weight on one leg with the other slightly off the floor.

Lower yourself down to sit on the edge of the Terra Core, while balancing all of your weight on the supporting leg as the other leg hovers off the floor.

Once you are sitting on the Terra Core, continue to roll down to lay flat on your back on top of it. 

Roll yourself back up to a sitting position and continue to bring yourself back to your starting standing position, again while only using your base leg to support your weight.

Repeat on each leg.

1 Leg Hip Thrust:

Lie on your back with your knees bent on the floor with the Terra Core placed horizontally in front of your feet.

Place one foot onto the Terra Core, with the opposite leg crossed over your knee.

Lift your hips as your working leg balances on the Terra Core, focusing on pushing your weight into the heel of your working leg as you squeeze your glutes with each lift.

Drop down and repeat on each leg.

Backward Lunge:

Stand up straight with the horizontally placed Terra Core behind you.

Place one leg behind you with the ball of your foot on the Terra Core. Be sure you can stand up straight on your supporting leg without leaning forward.

Lunge straight down on your supporting leg without extending it past 90 degrees.

Let your back leg bend down as close to the ground as possible without overextending your front knee.

Repeat and switch legs.

Curtsey Lunge:

Stand next to the Terra Core placed flat on the floor vertically to one side of you.

With your feet shoulder width apart, start with the leg farthest from the Terra Core to step into a diagonal forward lunge onto the top of the Terra Core. Bend down so the working knee does not exceed 90 degrees, and let the supporting leg bend as well.

Come back to the starting position and repeat.

Move to the opposite side of the Terra Core and repeat on the other leg.


Turn Terra Core upside down and pick it up by the handles.

Stand with your legs straight, shoulder width apart, holding the Terra Core down with straight arms.

Keep your arms and legs straight as you bend forward at the waist until the inflated side of Terra Core touches the floor.

Stand up and repeat.

Donkey Kicks:

Kneel on top of the Terra Core vertically so your knees are resting on the inflated side, hip width apart, with your hands holding the handles on either side of the Terra Core.

Lift one leg up behind you and extend it straight into a donkey kick.

Repeat reps and switch legs.

Fire Hydrants:

Kneel on top of the Terra Core vertically so your knees are resting on the inflated side, hip width apart, with your hands holding the handles on either side of the Terra Core.

Keeping your knee bent, lift your leg up to the side, using your adductor muscle.

Bring it down and repeat.

Repeat reps on each leg.

Hip Thrusts:

Lie down with your upper back resting on top of the Terra Core horizontally with your arms out to the sides in a relaxed position.

Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor.

Lift your hips as high as you can as you squeeze your glutes.

Lower and repeat.

Jump Squats:

Place the Terra Core vertically on the floor while you straddle it in a standing position.

Bring both legs in to jump on top of the Terra Core.

Jump squat down to straddle the Terra Core focusing on pushing your glutes back and keeping your knees at 90 degrees.


Jump Squats on Terra Core:

Stand on top of the Terra Core’s inflated side horizontally, hips no wider than shoulder width apart.

Jump up while bringing your arms up with you.

Land on top of Terra Core into a squat position with hips shoulder width apart, and knees at 90 degrees, bringing your arms down for balance.


Knee Ups: 

Place Terra Core in front of you horizontally.

Step up onto the Terra Core with one leg while lifting the other knee up to your waist.

Step back down and repeat your reps.

Repeat on the other leg.

Side Lunge:

Place the Terra Core vertically next to you.

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, using the leg closest to Terra Core, step into a side lunge onto the top of Terra Core while twisting and touching the top of it with your opposite hand. Push your glutes back and don’t overextend the knee.

Bring it back to the starting position and repeat.

Repeat on the other side.

Squats on Inverted Terra Core: 

Place the Terra Core on the floor with the inflated side on the floor.

Balance on top of the flat side and repeat squats with your legs shoulder width apart.

Push your glutes back like you’re sitting in a chair.

Do not let your knees extend past 90 degrees.


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