Terra-Core: Holiday Gift Guide with Discount Code!

Terra-Core: Holiday Gift Guide with Discount Code!


Can you believe it? The holiday season is here! Time to start putting up your decorations up and start the stressful process of finding the right gifts for your loved ones. We've put together the perfect gift guide for all the types of fitness lovers in your life! 


For the one that loves at-home workouts 

The Power Zone is a great gift for someone who loves to workout at home. This is an ideal gift for those new mamas or people who prefer to workout from the comfort of their home due to tight schedules. 

For the one starting of their fitness journey 

The Full Package is perfect for someone starting their fitness journey, it brings everything you might need to do a full body workout! It comes with both Terra-Core and Terra-Glide, bands, one year of on-demand classes, hook and knee pad! 

For the one that loves a challenge 

The Stability Zone is the best gift for those who love to challenge themselves. The Terra-Glide is design for those looking for an extra challenge. Sculpt, tone, tighten and burn fat when working out. 


For the one that needs classes 

The Power Zone is ideal for those who love follow along workout. All the motivation you will need at your fingertips! 

For the one that is a fitness pro

The Core Zone is ideal for those who are already into fitness. The Terra-Glide will add an extra challenge to any workout. 

Use the code HOLIDAYS2021 to get 25% all bundles this holiday season! 

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