How to create your own at-home-gym!

How to create your own at-home-gym!

Going to the gym can become challenging for many. Finding out who will watch the kids, having to pay insane monthly fees, or having to wait on a machine for someone to get off are only a few of the headaches that come from going to a gym. Creating a space in your home where you can workout and feel comfortable is a great way to take charge of your fitness journey and set you up for success. 

Follow these steps to start to build your at-home-gym. 

1. Find the perfect location in your home. 

Find an area in your home where you want to have the gym. This could be a spare room, basement, garage or even corner in your living room. Designating an area will help keep everything organize. 

2. Figure our what exercise tools you want. 

Everyone has their own way of working out. Some questions to ask yourself when searching for these tools are; "What type of exercise do I want to do?", "Who else will be using this gym?", and "What is my budget?". These questions will help you determine what are the most important tools for your gym. 

Here are some suggestions of products to check out: 

- Yoga Matt 

- Terra-Core 

- Terra-Glide 

- Weights 

- Bands 

- Treadmill or bike 

- Foam Roller 

3. Set everything up!

Once you purchase some of the equipment you can start to set it up in your space. It is always better to start with a few items and build it up as it goes. You can get some shelves or drawers to store your items when you're done. 

4. Get sweating!

Time to burn calories and not gas! You can now use your time wisely and schedule in a workout in the comfort of your own home. 


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