How to strengthen your core and reduce back pain.

How to strengthen your core and reduce back pain.

If you suffer from back pain then strengthening your core can help! Having a strong core is so beneficial for your health. You can improve your posture, reduce back pain and get you back to doing the things you love most! 

The unique design of a Terra Core is perfect for using it as a bench. Doing exercises on the ground with a bad back can make your pain feel worst. The air-filled surface makes the exercises feel low impact while really engaging your core and mind. 

What is your core?

When most people think of working out their core, they think of a six-pack or working out their abdominals, but the reality is that your core is something even bigger than that! 

Your core consists of all the muscles revolving around your trunk. Yup this includes your abdominals but it also includes your oblique muscles, hip flexors, pelvic floor, diaphragm and even part of your glutes! 

How can a strong core help back pain?

Your core is so crucial for daily activities such as sweeping the floor, putting your seatbelt on and picking up a box of the floor. 

A weak core can cause pain when doing day to day activities. If you have a weak core then your body might be relying on ligaments, spinal bones and discs to do the work, which is the reason why you start to feel pain. 

Doing exercise and working out your core can help reduce the pressure on your back and make you feel less pain. 

Can you injure yourself while strengthening your core? 

When starting out your exercises it is crucial to listen to your body. Never force yourself to keep going if you are feeling pain. 

Any exercise performed incorrectly can cause an injury. Always do the exercise slowly while trying to figure it out, take breaks and do a quick body scan to check in on your muscles. 

Using your Terra-Core when working out will create a comfortable surface to do core exercises on but do be careful picking it up and moving it around as it weighs 28lbs! 

For some core exercises on your Terra-Core check out The 10 best at home workouts for your core! 

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