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It’s no secret the Terra-Core is revolutionizing functional fitness training. From everyday personal trainers to the top athletes in the world, functional fitness is becoming the standard.

We caught up with Bill Welle owner of XPE Sports. XPE sports specializes in NFL Combine & Pro Training and Student Athlete training. Bill has worked in sports performance training for 27 years and this is his 20th year doing NFL combine prep. Some of his most recent top athletes are Mark Ingram, Pierre Garcon, and Mike Pouncey. Below are a few questions we asked Bill in regards to his recent implementation of the Terra-Core.


Q: Number of Clubs? Number of Members? Type of Clubs?

A: 2 facilities

Q: Club Philosophy?

A: Quality of quantity, quality results for the clients, make the best athlete possible.

Q: Why did they decide to start using the Terra-Core for NFL bound athletes?

A: We have used the bosu in the past, however; we found the Terra-Core is a lot better for the core development, benefit how we can incorporate more stabilization, get more core involved. For example, the Bench press test at 225 for combine, I have my athletes practice on the Terra-Core and when they move back to the regular bench they are much more confident.

“This piece of equipment is so versatile you are only limited to your imagination!”

Q: How do you who create workouts for the athletes?

A: You have to be creative, keep mixing it up to simulate what happens on the field. We look at how much time we have and then create the program from there. Each program includes:

1. Start strength
2. Strength to power
3. Power to explosion
4. Then endurance phase

Q: What are the top 3 aspects to focus on while training such high caliber athletes?

A: 1. Power development, 2. Functional movement and stabilization, 3. Athleticism

Q: How has the Terra Core changed the way you are able to train these athletes?

A: For our combine guys they can flip it over and do closed grip with the rails, then go wide grip with the handles. In my adult training classes, the Terra-Core is used as a station, modified burpee, or shoulder press. This piece of equipment is so versatile you are only limited to your imagination!

“All of the Combine guys hated to love the Terra Core, honestly were completely blow away by the difficulty of the Terra-Core.”

Q: What do the members like about the classes?

A: All of the Combine guys hated to love the Terra Core, honestly were completely blown away by the difficulty of the Terra-Core.

Q: What are your favorite 3 traits of the Terra-Core?

A: Functionality, Versatility, Compact

Q: Would you recommend the Terra-Core to other performance centers?

A: Absolutely, you need this in your arsenal!

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