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It’s no secret the Terra-Core is revolutionizing group fitness. From the USA to Greece, to Romania, to Mexico, to Singapore, clubs are incorporating the Terra-Core into beginner and advanced group classes.

We caught up with The Group Fitness Manager at Clubsport Kirsten Johnson to ask her a few questions and see how incorporating the Terra-Core has changed their group Fitness. Kirsten is an International Fitness Expert with extensive experience in club management, group fitness management for high-end clubs, presenting at fitness conventions, educating instructors for IFA/AFAA, and innovator/creator of multiple trendsetting fitness trends. She is an absolute boss! Check out her interview below.


Q: Number of Clubs? Number of Members? Type of Clubs?

A: 7 Locations Soon to be 8. Over 36,000 members across all clubs. Our clubs are all-inclusive high-end Fitness, spa, kids club and family-oriented facilities.

Q: Club Philosophy?

A: It is our mission to provide world-class service levels, impeccably clean facilities, and innovative sports and fitness programs in a resort-style environment where members can achieve their health and fitness goals.

Q: Why did they decide to start Terra-Core Group X classes?

A: I was inspired by Greg Nigros demo at the convention, we are the first major fitness company to start Terra-Core in Group Fitness, it inspired us to replace Bosu with new equipment that is more functional and evolved.

“Members love the balance challenge that the Terra Core provides as well as the integration of core strength improvement in every exercise.” -Leay Heck (Group Instructor)

Q: How do you who create Terra-Core class formats?

A: We started in one club and had a lead trainer create new formats and exercises. Then Master Trainer Pete McCall taught training to group fitness and personal trainer staff.

Q: What type of Terra Core classes and how many different formats?

A: We offer three different Terra-Core classes from Terra-Core Boot Camp, Terra-Core Core, and Terra-Core HIIT. We Typically have 2 per day, and we use the Terra-Cores in a number of classes in addition to the Terra-Core dominant classes.

Q: Do different age members like the same classes or do they target different age groups with different Terra Core classes?

A: Our classes target age group 25-40, mixed male/female, usually fans of boot camp, HIIT, or cardio strength classes

“The Terra Core has breathed new life into my classes and formats. Just one piece of equipment allows for endless possibilities: cardio, core, strength, stability, tubing, circuits, partner work, and even some kettlebell exercises. I never get bored as an instructor, and my members always receive new challenges” - Erin Woodbury (Group Instructor)

Q: What do the members like about the classes?

A: Members love the extra balance challenge, better ankle placement then Bosu balls, lots of strength and cardio exercise options.

Q: In your opinion What do the instructors like?

A: The instructors love having a new toy and lots of options for exercises to challenge members.

“VERY sturdy equipment, the evolution of Bosu, can be used for multiple classes/Personal Training/Fitness/Pilates formats.”

Q: Are the Terra Cores used by members for other classes like Step or Circuit or other? Do they use the Terra Cores in other areas of the club as well?

A: We use the Terra-Core in circuits, Core & More, and HIIT classes. In most personal training and small group training.

Q: What's their overall impression of the Terra Core?

A: VERY sturdy equipment, evolution of Bosu, can be used for multiple classes/Personal Training/Fitness/Pilates formats. Very popular for everyone who wants something new with the ability to challenge them.

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