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It’s no secret the Terra-Core is revolutionizing group fitness. From the USA, to Greece, to Romania, to Mexico, to Singapore, clubs are incorporating the Terra-Core into beginner and advanced group classes.

We caught up with Devan Kline Co-Founder and CEO of Burn Boot Camp. In 2009, Devan started his MLB career. During this time he found his passion for training women to their utmost potential. In 2012, He became a certified NASM and NCCPT trainer, as well as a certified Fitness Specific Nutritionist and started what is now known as Burn Boot Camp. Devan life mission is to empower confidence in women through our lifestyle transformation programs each and every day.


Q: Number of Clubs? Number of Members? Type of Clubs?

A: We have over 340 locations franchised (120 open), just under 50,000 members, boutique boot camp for women. We are pursuing an aggressive growth strategy after finding success with our format.

Q: Club Philosophy?

A: 5 pillar approach, the reason why 65% of Americans are obese and 99.1% don’t know what to do about their own physical fitness. We focus on getting to the root cause of the problems to make real changes, band-aid fixes don’t work we focus on real and long-term solutions.

Q: Why did you decide to start Terra-Core Camp classes?

A: The Terra-Core is an essential piece of equipment for our camps. Plus we must continue to provide great equipment for our members and provide versatile and durable equipment for our franchise partners.

“Burn Boot Camp has members of ALL different fitness levels and the Terra-Core is beneficial to everyone! Our clients know that we can mod-up or mod-down any fitness movement so everyone is comfortable using it!” -Laura Lutz (BBC Franchise Owner)

Q: How do you create the Terra-Core class formats?

A: We have an open discussion with head Trainers, talk to each other and come up with new exercises, the Terra-Core is always a huge part of our workouts.

Q: Do different age members like the same classes or do they target different age groups with different Terra Core classes?

A: Anyone can do the workouts, we create a baseline exercise, beginner to intermediate to advanced, everyone does what they are comfortable with. Then we will throw in a few expert variations depending on the class.

Q: What do the members like about the Terra-Core?

A: They love the fact that its heavy and you can do metabolic condition exercises with it. Other stability trainers are too light to use for this, plus the stability of the unit when jumping on or off.

“My members love that the Terra-Core forces them to concentrate on engaging multiple muscle groups to gain stability and good form” - Kayla Zeiner (BBC Franchise Owner)

Q: If you could describe the Terra-Core in 3 words what would they be?

A: Sleek, trendy, efficient

Q: Would you recommend the Terra-Core in other group class formats?

A: Yes, I would recommend to any: trainer, or fitness professional, who wants to bring something new to their clients and ignite your creativity in each training session.

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