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It’s no secret the Terra-Core is revolutionizing group fitness. From the USA to Greece, to Romania, to Mexico, to Singapore, clubs are incorporating the Terra-Core into beginner and advanced group classes. We caught up with the owner of TRV/FIT Tyler Koronich to ask him a few questions and see how incorporating the Terra-Core has changed their functional group Fitness Classes.


Q: Number of Clubs? Number of Members? Type of Clubs?

A: Currently we have 15 Locations Due to be open this spring. Currently, 11 locations opened. Roughly 4,000 members.

Q: Club Philosophy?

A: Transforming all lives through sustainable, cutting-edge, and entertaining health/fitness. Cultivating a community of moveMEANT (moving the way we're meant to).

Q: Why did they decide to start Terra-Core Group X classes?

A: We started incorporating the Terra-Core at one of our flagship clubs recently as it quickly became a staple piece of equipment we include in almost every class!

“Terra-Cores have become a staple in my workouts with all of my clients. The versatility and endless variations to movements made possible by this piece of equipment is a game changer in the fitness industry.” -Detroit Franchise Owner David Sherban

Q: What type of Terra Core classes and how many different formats?

A: We've been able to incorporate it into every one of our formats. From kickboxing to Bootcamp, it's as versatile and timeless as the dumbbell!

Q: Do different age members like the same classes or do they target different age groups with different Terra Core classes?

A: We pride ourselves on having such a wide array of ages inside all of our classes. With our coaching staff being well acquainted and versatile in scaling we've been able to implement the Terra-Core in every situation.

Q: What do the members like about the classes?

A: They love the variety and never coming in for the same workout/movements. The Terra-Core helps give us an endless array of movements in our arsenal.

“Any, and all! The Terra-Core is perfect to throw into a station or to get the whole class working their own.”

Q: In your opinion What do the instructors like?

A: They love the quick improvements the members see in stability training, along with the modifications it provides. Members like to see fast improve, and also enables coaches to constantly be different options for scaling or modifications during a workout.

Q: What's their overall impression of the Terra Core?

A: Cutting Edge, Flashy

Q: What is your favorite trait of the Terra-Core?

A: I've always been a HUGE advocate for stability training, and having the versatility of the Terra-Core it really gives us endless amounts of movements to constantly be challenging/improving our member's movement.

Q: Would you recommend the Terra-Core in other group class formats?

A: Any, and all! The Terra-Core is perfect to throw into a station or to get the whole class working their own.

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