Terra-Core V-2.

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1) Improved Dynamic Surface: The Terra Core's Super Power has always been the way it engages 4-X more muscle. Now it is even Better, Stronger, Faster ! Dare we Say 5-X :)


2) More Fun= More Calories: We enhanced theTerra Core and its Amazing App to now include games that allow you to "play your way to fitness and fun"..


3) Stronger & Lighter: Oh imagine the Irony of putting the World's best "Diet Machine" on a "Diet" TR-V2 is Lighter, yet more durable than ever before.


4) Ultra Fast Inflation and Adjustments: You can now totally change your Terra Core's personality faster than ever with our "On the Fly inflation system".


5) New Look, New Feel, New You: All these upgrades just wouldn't be the same without a fresh look. New colors, enhanced aesthetics and tons of fun details combine to make the TC-V2 the best we have ever made.