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When we started Vicore Fitness the vision was to create the kind of company that we wanted to do business with. A company that was innovative and forward thinking. Not only regarding the products we designed, but in the way we treated people, both internally and our customers as well. We had seen our share of organizations who seemed nice and attentive as long as you had your check book out, but took a totally different tact once there was a problem. We have structured our warranty to hold true to the original vision and to reflect our values.

Warranty: Terra Core is unconditionally warrantied for life against manufacturer’s defects. If for any reason one of our products has a health problem, we will repair or replace it at no charge.

As you can see we try to make our warranty as straight forward as possible. If any situation occurs outside the parameters we have set, we always use the Golden Rule, "Do the right thing".

Below are some FAQs which we thought may help you if any questions arrive.

Q: We recently had a flat tire on the family auto, my husband couldn't find the jack so he used our Terra Core to lift the car. Is still covered under warranty.

A: We always love to see our equipment being used in creative, new ways. Not exactly what we were thinking, but your husband gets an "A" for creativity so sure. However, such activity should of in no way damaged your product.

Q: If I should happen to have a problem with my equipment what do I need to do?

A: Simply call us and a real, live person will help you determine what will be the fastest way to make sure you do not get behind on your fitness regime. In many cases we can just send you parts and make it very painless. (801) 878-7702

Q: I recently painted my bedroom and the orange color on our products seems to clash with the new color, can I send it back?

A: As long as you plan on using the refund money to hire an Interior designer, since everyone knows you always accent bedrooms in orange. Damn girl…..