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Terra-Core - Terra-Core Fitness



    No matter your fitness goals or sport, the Terra-Core is everything you need. Here is what you're going to get:

  • Terra-Core
  • Exercise Poster
  • Pump, Plug, & Plug Extractor
  • Workout APP
  • Lifetime Warranty
The Tribe
    When you buy the Terra-Core, you are getting MUCH more than a physical product. We are a Tribe of like-minded people working hard to achieve a common goal. A healthier self.
    Step one to a healthier self? A support system. Our members and staff will support you throughout your entire journey. Whether that means losing some weight, improving your balance, or training for a sport. We have the education and resources to get you to your destination.
    Don’t take our word for it check out the 8,700 + people below who have posted with #terracore =)
    Dimensions: 46”L x 17”W x 10”H
    Weight: 28 lb

TERRA CORE Balance Trainer BENEFITS are scientifically proven to ENGAGE 4 TIMES MORE MUSCLE GROUPS than the same exercise on a flat, hard surface. See our website for details. Turns ALL of your WORKOUTS into a THREE-DIMENSIONAL, functional sweat fest.

The Terra Core is designed to WORK BY ITSELF or with resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX and ALL OTHER FITNESS ACCESSORIES. The bottom side offers PUSHUP HANDLES and other exercises to help BUILD BALANCE and AGILITY. It's also perfect as an AEROBIC STEP or for CROSSFIT EXERCISES.

As a WEIGHT LOSS TOOL, the Terra Core is unrivaled. It is OPTIMAL for doing CRUNCHES, BUILDING ABDOMINAL MUSCLES, shoulder muscles and leg muscles. Many yoga studios use this product for SEVERAL POPULAR YOGA POSES.

BUILT TO COMMERCIAL STANDARDS, the Terra Core is TOUGH ENOUGH for ANY HOME GYM. Stores easily. Product tested to WITHSTAND 4,500 POUNDS. Terra Core is UNCONDITIONALLY

WARRANTIED FOR LIFE against manufacturer’s defects. If for any reason one of our products has a health problem, we will REPAIR or REPLACE it at NO CHARGE.

In the box: Terra Core includes a QR CODE to access our FITNESS APP, WORKOUT DVD, EXERCISE POSTER, owner's manual, hand pump as well as the ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES of feeling great and LIVING FUNCTIONALLY FIT. WEIGHT CAPACITY IS 1,000 LBS.