A Brief Break Down of The Terra Core - The World's Best Balance Trainer!

A Brief Break Down of The Terra Core - The World's Best Balance Trainer!

The Terra-Core is the most effective and should we dare say fun exercise tools in the world of fitness. It is design for all fitness levels. Its versatile shape makes it easy to get an entire workout done with the just the Terra-Core. This balance trainer is ideal to target and increases balance, core strength, neural synapse, and agility.

What Is the Terra-Core?

It's a Stepper. It's a Bench. It's the best surface ever devised for crunches and your pushups will never be the same. It's an air-filled, core building, multifaceted balance machine. It's the most versatile piece of home exercise equipment ever developed. It is, THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME. 

The comfortable surface is ideal for standing, lying, kneeling, or planking exercises. (Your back will thank you!) The Handles & bars on the bottom are perfect for push-ups, burpees, and weighted exercises.

We love to refer to the Terra-Core as "The Fitness Equipment for All" because of how versatile it is. We've seen pro-athletes use it for stability and balance to pregnant mamas getting ready for labor! 

The Terra-Core weighs an incredible 28 pounds yet can support over 1,000 lbs. Its proprietary anti-burst technology is the most effective ever developed. For the record, a physio ball weighs about 15 ounces. It is very squirrelly, and loves to burst, leaving you with a dumbbell in the forehead and a few gaps in your grill. 

The Benefits Of Using A Balance Trainer?

Moving from a hard surface to a soft dynamic surface while working out yields more efficiency and more benefits when performing the same movements. Exercises performed on a hard surface are two-dimensional by nature. The Terra-Core engages core stabilizer muscles, adding a third dimension to every movement. We have performed independent studies demonstrating 4 times as many muscles being engaged on the Terra-Core’s dynamic surface than the same exercise does on a hard, flat two-dimensional surface.  

How to use a Terra-Core?

The Terra-Core can be used in endless ways. We love to see our tribe come up with new ways of utilizing their Terra-Core. 

Here are some ways to use your Terra-Core when starting out: 


Lower Body 

Upper Body 


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